Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Prayer at the Beginning of a New Week

Eternal, Infinite, Transcendent God and My Father, You know all things.

You know past, present, and future exhaustively. From the statistical motions and state transitions of subatomic fields to the slow spinning of galactic clusters. You know every thought and every inclination of every person you have made. There is nothing that will happen in this week that will be a surprise to You.

Not only do You know all things, You rule all things. It is Your Will that governs and works all things together for good to those who love you.

For me, and for the rest of my fellow humanity, the events of the coming week (or day, hour, minute, or second!) are unpredictable and uncertain. But you already know what You have planned for me.

So in the face of this, where should I begin in my praying? What can I say to One knows what I will say before I even think it? To my infinite Father who is ordering all things for my good?

Let me begin by thanking You for the grace You've given me. And yet, please give me grace to love and trust You more each day. Teach me each day to hate sin more and to turn from it. When I fall, give me faith to rise again in the knowledge that You had already forgiven me. Help me to become increasingly consumed with the eternal treasure that You have given me in Jesus. Teach me to be wise in making use of the time. Show me those to whom you want me to extend Your grace. Teach me to see the world and my walk through it rightly and to be guided by the Holy Spirit and by Your Word.

In Jesus Name,